Hexic Deluxe

Hexic Deluxe

Hexic Deluxe 9.2 was developed by the minds behind Tetris

Hexic Deluxe 9.2 is a puzzle game developed by the minds behind one of the most famous games ever, Tetris. Hexic Deluxe is now available at Zone.com Deluxe Games for purchase and there´s a demo version available.
The Hexic concept is more along the lines of Bejeweled than anything else. Rather than switching 2 blocks along straight lines, Hexic rotates 3 of them. Match three or more of the same colour in a cluster to make them disappear. New blocks will fall from above and take their place. The blocks are hexagonal and it may take a while to become fully accustomed to the pattern and how the rotation works. Learning all the tricks will take plenty of hours. The graphics and sound are adequate; there is nothing too fancy here but it gets the job done. To be honest that's what this package is all about. Playing the game itself is great, very enjoyable.
This version of the game is a full featured time limited trial version which will expire after 60 minutes of use. This time should be enough to make up your mind on buying the game or not.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Good sound effects


  • Difficult to learn tricks
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